I don’t have experience with weights.  Can you teach me?

Absolutely! We begin by teaching you bodyweight mechanics before advancing to weight lifting. You’re a blank slate and we’re here to teach and mold you. Get outside and train!

Is Powerlift SF a group class?

Classes are semi-private and range from 1-6 trainees at a time. Timing is completely of your choice (see HOURS AND PRICING). All workouts will move at the pace appropriate for you. You get the benefits of socialization without needing to be of the same skill level as everyone else.

Will powerlifting make me bulky?

In practice, powerlifting is about maximizing strength to body weight ratio. Powerlifting will help you build the frame you’ve always wanted and maximize strength. You only need to be as big or as little as you want.

I need to lose weight.  Why powerlifting and not cardio?

It is a myth that long cardio burns more calories or does more for your metabolism than intensity training. “What?” I know.  Per unit of energy (Calories, which you are at least vaguely familiar with) more fat is burned on a percentage basis than any other metabolic fuel (i.e. protein or carbohydrates). But it’s not the percentage that matters. It’s the overall work accomplished that matters. The work accomplished through intensity training far surpasses that of cardiovascular training, so while percentage burned may be lower, it's a smaller percentage of a much greater total work load.

Could I get injured?

Yes. Training comes with risks. However, the rate of injury is extremely low in powerlifting. We'll guide you in proper movement and selection of weights and repetitions. There are rewards of lifetime strength protecting you from back injury, joint pain, etc. 

If you ever feel pain, stop activity immediately and notify your coach.

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