8 years ago, I radically changed my lifestyle and dietary habits. I began the journey weak, overweight, out of shape, with no self care regimen to speak of. I had low back and knee pain, as well as a host of unhealthful habits I'd have to break. It wasn't easy, but I always had fun and saw results. That kept me going. I learned to position, leverage and apply force, and built the athletic potential and health I've always wanted. I'm looking forward to the next 8 years of improvement and am grateful that every workout I do continues to build me up and make me feel great. Sore. But great! I want to share my knowledge with as many of you as possible.

I have experience as a Physical Therapy Aid, CrossFit Coach, Private Trainer and Nutritional Therapy Consultant. I've worked with thousands of athletes who inspired me to forge new ground in San Francisco's fitness industry. Powerlifting SF offers top of the line equipment at each of our two locations.   Most of the athletes I've taught to lift weights without any prior experience.  I love teaching and promoting healthy lifestyle, so I've been inspired to teach those methods that have time and again produced great athletes, incredible results and empowered people to engage in a fun and functional fitness regimen.        Start lifting now and be stronger tomorrow!

My wife, Lauren, and I live in North Beach, where we love to play with our two French Bulldogs, Andy and Bennett and await the birth of our first child, due September, 2017.  We are holistic nutritionists and owners at San Francisco Colonics, a detox center.